About Brodin Press

Sharon Brodin

What I do

Hi, I’m Sharon. I help small businesses and non-profits connect and build relationships with their target audience in a meaningful way. I do this by writing clear, concise SEO-optimized content for their websites, newsletters, emails, blogs, lead generation pieces and other marketing tools. I often do the graphic design for these projects, too.

Who I work with

I specialize in working with organizations in the outdoor industry: resorts, outdoor ministries, gear manufacturers, camps and campgrounds, and others that serve the outdoor market.

I also work with non-outdoor small businesses and non-profits in my local Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. I love meeting my clients face-to-face!

What makes me different

Because I have 28+ years of graphic design experience, I can offer professional formatting and design of all the projects I write. I’ll make sure the words and design work together so your marketing pieces are readable, functional and attractive. This means a more streamlined process for you, and likely less money, too.

I thought professionals always followed through on commitments, met deadlines and did their best job for their clients, but I’m learning that’s not always the case. If you’re looking for someone like that, I always do my best to…follow through on commitments, meet deadlines and do my best work for each of my clients.

What others say about me

Here are some of the kind things others have said about me:

“She took the extra time to figure out what we wanted to say and the feel for our business…”

“She was timely and right on the spot. We highly recommend her services…”

“Her work is excellent and thorough…”

“…dependable, responsible, honest and extremely courteous…”

“I appreciate your attention to detail, your creativity and your initiative.”

“…someone you can trust, someone that will listen and have your best interest at heart, and someone that will go the extra mile to make sure the job gets done right…”

“…strong character and work ethic, a desire to serve…”

“She has an eye for detail but also sees the big picture, is flexible yet steadily persistent…”

“Sharon’s attention to detail combined with her relaxed personality brings the best out of every situation.”

“Sharon is fantastic.”

I don’t take that lightly! I work hard to live up to these words.

How I can help you

Is it a challenge to grow your website traffic? To convert your leads into customers? To stay in touch with them to keep building your relationship? I can help you by producing the marketing content you need to:

  • Generate leads and build your in-house email list…
  • Connect you with your prospects and customers, and nurture your relationship with them through regular blog posts and newsletters (whether email or print)…
  • Educate your prospects and customers…
  • Produce or revise your WordPress website for clarity, usability, professionalism and SEO optimization.

You’ll find more details about specific projects on my Work with Me page.

About My Outdoor Blogs

I own and maintain two outdoor blogs with the intent of them becoming streams of income for me and my family (partially there!):

  • Twin Cities Outdoors—TCO is the easiest way for Minnesota’s Twin Cities residents and visitors to find nature-based outdoor recreation near them. We point them to local places to hike, trail run, bike, paddle, camp, cross country ski and snowshoe. The site also covers educational opportunities, resources, gear reviews, and local outdoor businesses and non-profits. I publish a twice-monthly email newsletter for those on my TCO mailing list called Outdoorsy Stuff.
  • Active Outdoor Women—We’re building a community of adventurous, outdoor-loving Christian women through this faith-based blog. It was originally targeted to “women of a certain age” (haha!), meaning mid-life and above…but we have many younger women with us, too. The monthly email newsletter is called Active Outdoor Journal.

If you fit the ideal audience for either of these websites, I’d be honored to have you join us!

About Me

My name is Sharon Brodin, and I love the outdoors and nature! I enjoy canoeing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, camping, riding horses…you get the idea. I’m an amateur nature photographer. The photos on this website (except the ones with me in it) are ones I took in various beautiful places around the US.

sharon brodin
That’s me, Sharon Brodin, on a mountain in the Teton range, Wyoming

I’ve been married to my husband, Nick Brodin, since 1992. We’ve raised three great kids, a daughter and two sons, who are now in their 20s. Our daughter is married to a terrific guy (and we’re waiting for grandkids!). I have absolutely loved being a wife and mother through the years.

One of our family adventures I’ll never regret is homeschooling our kids, K-12. My full-time self-employment journey began as they were finishing high school. I decided to go back into the graphic design and copywriting world I had left when our kids were little. I added some more training and experience and opened shop under my own name in 2014. I changed the name to Brodin Press in 2017 to more accurately cover all my various projects.

I was a music major in college way back when, and am still actively involved in music, mostly at my local church. I taught private piano lessons for 22 years from my home. I’m blessed to have a 5-foot grand piano in my living room, and since I work from home I can play it whenever I want to. It’s a wonderful break to sit down with Beethoven or Chopin from time to time!

I love Jesus and am incredibly grateful for my Christian roots.

Sharon Brodin in the BWCA
In the Boundary Waters, one of my favorite places