Cultivate a Quiet Heart

cultivate a quiet heart

Yesterday I was struggling most of the day to cultivate a quiet heart. I had problems that needed attention for two client projects, and an unrelated disagreement with a friend over email involving a ministry we’re both part of. Eventually I was able to “sit still” on the inside, but only after solving the two … Keep reading

The Life of Joseph [Infographic]

The life of Joseph — the son of Jacob and great-grandson of Abraham — has always been one of my favorite stories in the Bible. There are so many parallels we can draw from his life to our own. Not the circumstances exactly, but the way God orchestrated his path of destiny. This simple infographic … Keep reading

No Sacred or Secular Divide in the Marketplace

no sacred or secular divide

Even though we say we don’t believe it, many Christians still have this underlying feeling that going into full time “sacred” work is more godly than full time “secular” work. Or even that founding a non-profit is more humane or honorable than founding a for-profit business. It’s hard to get away from. Our Western Christian … Keep reading

“Release Your Donkey”

"Release Your Donkey"

At the end of June I attended a 2-1/2 day conference in Bloomington, Minnesota called The Americas Congress, put on by ICCC — the International Christian Chamber of Commerce. It was amazing to hear and meet this group of dedicated, international business men and women — some at high levels in their business — who … Keep reading