Is Your Website User Friendly and Google Friendly?

website user and google friendly

Your business’s website needs to be written and designed for two different audiences: your target audience (your users) and Google (and the other search engines). (Updated September 2021) The handy thing is that when your website is user-friendly it’s also Google-friendly, and vice-versa. Here’s what I mean… What a User-Friendly Website Looks Like A user-friendly … Keep reading

Organic Search: What you need to know

organic search

Organic search is when someone types a search query in Google or other search engine. That person is looking for the answer to a question or the solution to a problem. The webpages that pop up under that search haven’t paid the search engines anything. They simply pop up organically as the engines find relevant … Keep reading

Best Practices for Marketing Your Small Business

The most successful businesses are the ones who market the most successfully. I read something along that line recently. I can’t remember where, but it stuck. Some of us love to market. Others of us see it as the necessary evil of doing business. But however you look at it, your business can’t be successful … Keep reading