Email Marketing Trounces Social Media

email marketing trounces social media

Few marketers doubt the value of social media for business success these days. And the purpose of this issue isn’t to diss SM and that value. But when it comes to getting customers, email marketing still performs 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter combined. So while being social is important, you can ignore those … Keep reading

The Key to Content Overload: Content Repurposing

repurpose your content

Content marketing is an extremely effective tool to build trust and authority within your niche. By repurposing your content to social media and other platforms, you can stop the content overload. (Updated October 2021) Google and the other search engines use quality online content as one of their top ranking metrics. Prospects and customers are looking … Keep reading

How to Really Use Social Media in Your Marketing Strategy

using social media

10 years ago this topic wasn’t on the radar. Today we can hardly escape it. Facebook…LinkedIn…Pinterest…Twitter…Google+…Tumblr…Instagram… How do you make sense of all the social media options for your business? Jump on the bandwagon and get an account everywhere? Ignore them and hope they go away? It won’t surprise you that the answer lies somewhere … Keep reading

How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

“Social Media will soon pretty much BECOME the web.” That quote is from Nick Usborne, an expert web copywriter and coach. There’s no doubt about it, social media has taken the world by storm—including the business world. And there’s no sign of it relenting. In fact, every indication is that it will only get stronger. … Keep reading