Email Newsletters

A great email newsletter is a very powerful relationship-building tool

Here’s what some of today’s marketing leaders say about email newsletters (or e-newsletters):

Newsletters are one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal.” (Dan Kennedy—consultant, business coach, strategic advisor)

“Every newsletter that you send serves to solidify the connection between your company and your customers.” (Michael Katz—Blue Penguin Development, e-newsletter specialist)

“Any informative email newsletter helps build relationships and customer loyalty.” (Michael Griffin—Email Newsletters 101)

“Email and e-newsletters are probably the two most underestimated media or communications channels available to online marketers.” (Nick Usborne—copywriter, author, coach, online writing expert)

There are three key functions of a good email newsletter:

  1. It helps capture email addresses. Your mailing list is the bread and butter of your online marketing. An e-newsletter helps you build a strong list that’s specific to your business.
  2. It keeps your business in front of your prospects and customers on a regular basis. The better your content, the better your open rates. But even those who don’t always open your newsletter will see your name in their inbox regularly. When they decide to buy, they’ll remember you first.
  3. It helps reinforce the “know, like and trust factor.” As you keep giving your readers useful, valuable content you build authority, likeability and trust with your audience.

E-newsletters can be sent weekly, bi-weekly or monthly (sending less often than monthly gives your audience a great chance to forget you).

Sharon has added tremendous value and leadership to our electronic newsletters. She plans, writes, edits, executes and manages this piece for us. She is hard working, attentive to detail, articulate, timely, and dependable.

– Andrew Arnold, Executive Director of Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries, Laramie WY

How I Can Help with Your Email Newsletters

  • I can start an email newsletter program for your organization: Design, develop an editorial calendar and content, and execute with your choice of email marketing service (EMS).
  • I can manage your email newsletter program or get it going then hand it over to someone in your organization.

The testimonial above is from a few years ago now, and they eventually hired a marketing director who took this over in-house. But previously they had struggled to keep in touch with their email list regularly. I helped them get it back on track and running strong.

I did the same thing for my current blogging client, Bending Branches/Aqua-Bound. I developed their email newsletter program and managed it for the first 18 months. Then they were able to add to their marketing team and bring it in-house.

These kinds of partnerships are a win-win!

Print Newsletters

The City I live in still sends out a monthly print newsletter (it’s in its 35th year) to all its residents and businesses—and people read it! I hear it all the time, because I’ve been the one doing the editing, design and some writing for it since 2018.

Design and editing are especially important for print because you have limited space. It also requires a knowledge of printing and the printing process.

I can help write, edit and design your print newsletter and then get it to the printer.

Let’s talk more about your newsletters: ~ 952-222-0620

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