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I’ll help you attract and keep customers

Attracting the right customers to your online presence is key. Keeping them is also key. I can help you do both!

I do this using SEO-optimized copywriting, SEO content writing and graphic design in several ways…

Website Content

Your website is your most important marketing tool. Does your audience know what problem you help them solve? Is it clear to them how you’ll make their life easier or better?

Is it optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) so Google finds you and sends people to you?

Whether your website is brand new or in need of a re-write, I can help you get your message across clearly to those who are looking for what you offer.

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Email Newsletters

The value of a well-written regular email newsletter to your current email list is highly underrated.

When done right, email newsletters accomplish two things: They establish you as an authority in your industry and they keep you in front of your audience regularly.

They’re also a low-key way to get your products or services in front of them without being pushy.

What about print newsletters?

CASE STUDY: Print newsletters aren’t dead! In fact, one of my main recurring client projects is a print newsletter with a circulation of over 6,000 every month (my client is my City). I talk to community and business members all the time who tell me they read this newsletter every month.

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Sales Emails

Sales emails are just what they sound like—they sell things.

While an email newsletter is mostly about nurturing your relationship with your prospects and customers, sales emails make direct offers to them. They can be one-off emails or part of an autoresponder series.

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Lead Generation Campaigns

A digital Lead Generation Campaign is a highly-effective way to attract new prospects and customers and get them on your email list. It needs to have several parts working together to make a complete, well-running machine.

All of these pieces need to be written and designed:

  • Lead Magnet—A free offer your target audience wants in exchange for their name and email address. This can be anything from a 1-page pdf checklist to a full-blown ebook or video training.
  • Opt-In or Landing Page—The page on your website that host your Lead Magnet offer with an order form that’s been written and designed in your email marketing service membership.
  • Ads—Social media ads can be fine-tuned to your audience in pretty amazing ways. Someone needs to write and design them.
  • Email Autoresponders—The series of follow-up emails sent to those who just gave you their email address. They help nudge your new leads further along the buying process.

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Blog Posts

Having high-quality content on your website in the form of blog posts accomplishes some very important things:

  • It provides your readers with information they want to know about
  • It establishes your company as an authority
  • It communicates generosity as you give out free information
  • It helps with SEO. Google and the other search engines love websites with consistently fresh and helpful content readers look for

CASE STUDY: In the first year I wrote weekly blog posts for a client (that I still write for), their organic web traffic increased over 600%! That’s pretty powerful. They still get over 70% of their monthly website traffic from organic search (their blog) 5 years later.

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Graphic Design

While I’m primarily a writer, I also have 28+ years experience in graphic design. I can design most of the projects I write. That means you put out less money and get a more streamlined process.

All the projects I do include graphic design unless you have an in-house designer and specify otherwise.

WordPress Website Design

If your organization needs a new website or its current website re-designed, I can build a WordPress website for you.

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Self-Published Books

Self-publishing is exploding because aspiring authors don’t have to be accepted by a publishing house to get their book professionally printed anymore.

But it’s not just writers and authors who can benefit from self-publishing their first novel or first non-fiction book…Businesses can publish books to establish their authority in their industry.

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