Self-Published Books

Self-publishing isn’t just for aspiring authors—it’s for businesses and non-profits, too.

I’ve heard it called “the mother of all business cards.”

For example, who do you think a new home buyer would rather work with—a real estate agent who sends them a business card and brochure listing their credentials? Or an agent who hands them a free copy of their book The Complete Guide for the First-Time Home Buyer?

A published book says, “This guy is an author—he really know his stuff!” Or “She wrote the book on (x, y or z). She knows what she’s talking about!”

I also work with independent authors—fiction and non-fiction—who want to get their book in print without going through a publishing house.

How I Can Help You Self-Publish Your Book

  • Professional layout for print and/or PDF ebook
  • Cover design
  • ISBN and barcode, if desired
  • Printing

If you’re a business owner and like the idea of publishing a book, but you don’t want to write it—let’s talk.

Let’s see if we’d make a good team: ~ 952-222-0620