Outdoor Blogs

“All my life through, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child.”

~ Marie Curie

Brodin Press is the umbrella company for two outdoor blogs:

Twin Cities Outdoors

Twin Cities Outdoors is the easiest way for Minneapolis/Saint Paul residents and visitors to find local nature-based recreation.

Readers will find information about parks, trails, waterways and campgrounds for all four seasons in the 7-county metro area. Hiking and trail running, biking, paddling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and camping are all covered. We feature local small outdoor businesses, gear reviews and other topics on the blog.

We’ve published a series of digital Twin Cities Guides. There’s a Guide for hiking & trail running, biking, paddling and cross country skiing/snowshoeing.

The email newsletter Outdoorsy Stuff is published twice a month to our mailing list.

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Active Outdoor Women

Active Outdoor Women is a faith-based website for adventurous Christian women who love the outdoors. We have readers from around the US.

We cover topics relating to Adventure, Discipleship and Community—themes that are applicable in both our faith life and outdoor life. Combining them is amazing!

The email newsletter Active Outdoor Journal is published monthly to our mailing list.

We’ll be closing down Active Outdoor Women at the end of 2022. Working on a replacement blog that will use some of AOW’s content, plus lots of new stuff.