Content Marketing One-Time Bundles

Choose one of these to jump-start your content marketing strategy

So you’re a great candidate for one of our Content Marketing Bundles, but…

  1. You’re not set up with an email marketing service yet. No problem!
  2. You want to super-charge your content marketing by actively generating some leads.

We have two One-Time Starter Bundles for you:

Get Leads Starter Bundle


Lead generation campaigns are a fantastic way to attract your ideal customers and get them on your mailing list more quickly. Once they’ve given you permission to email them, you have a chance to nurture that relationship. Some of these leads will turn into customers.

Our Get Leads bundle includes:

  • Creation of a downloadable PDF lead magnet that’s attractive to your ideal audience (We work with you on ideas).
  • Design a sign-up form inside your email marketing service (EMS) and place on your website.
  • Write and design a landing page for your website (depending on your platform, it may have to be through your EMS).
  • Write a short series (3-5) of autoresponder emails to follow up with each lead.**

This is a one-time project. But there’s no rule that says you can only have one lead magnet. As you get more ideas down the road or expand your customer base, we can go through it again.

*Payment plan optional.

**The membership level of your EMS must include autoresponders/automatic emails.

Email List Starter Bundle


If you have yet to have your email list with an email marketing service (EMS) we have a package for you, too. You’ll need this in place before you take can advantage of any of our other bundles.

The Email List bundle includes:

  • Open an account with the email marketing service of your choice (we’ll provide suggestions).
  • Design an email template you’ll use for email newsletters.
  • Import email addresses of your current customers and set up for your email newsletters and email marketing.

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