Did you know the websites of many businesses never tell their prospective customers what they do or how they serve their customers?

And half of businesses don’t display clear contact information? Did you know you should ask your visitors to take at least one action step on each page, even if it’s just to click to the next page?

Did you know the writing style and layout of your content profoundly affects whether your visitor decides to stay or leave? How easily they navigate around your site?

Do you know how vital SEO (search engine optimization) is for people to find your website?

Did you know if you’re relying on social media sites instead of your own website for your business, you’re at the mercy of their whims? They can change the rules anytime they want to—and they do.

Your organization’s website isn’t just an online brochure…

…it’s your company’s most important marketing tool. And yet studies have shown you only have a matter of seconds before your visitors quickly lose interest and click away. Most will never come back — they’ll try your competitors instead.

“We contracted with Sharon Brodin to rewrite the copy on many of our internet pages. She took the extra time to figure out what we wanted to say and the feel for our business. She wrote perfect copy, which read much better than what we had, and we are confident that it will lead to more bookings. She was timely and right on the spot. We highly recommend her services and would use her again when we have new pages to edit, or need more original copy.”

~ Bruce Kerfoot, President of Gunflint Lodge, Grand Marais MN

How I Can Help with Your Website

  • Re-write or add content to your existing website so your website has the information your audience is looking for, and that clearly tells them how you can serve them.
  • Be sure your website content is optimized for SEO so Google and other search engines want to send people your way.
  • Build you a new WordPress website. Then train you to maintain it so you don’t have to pay someone else to do simple edits.
  • Maintain your WordPress website monthly, if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

“After spending several months trying to establish a website for our business with a web designer who did not understand what I was looking for and would go long intervals with no communication, I turned to Sharon.

“I shared what we were looking for and gave her basic information for our website. In a very short turn over time, Sharon came up with exactly what we wanted and more.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the time, efficiency and professional way Sharon worked our project.”

Diane Weber, Co-Owner of Progressive Energy Corp., Hugo MN

You can be confident your site will have the information your audience wants to see, it’ll have great SEO, it’ll be easy to navigate and it’ll look good.

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