Why I Love Working From Home

I know it’s not for everyone. But it IS for me!

I’ve been working at home in part-time endeavors since 1994, shortly before our daughter was born. I had already been exploring work-at-home possibilities, knowing I’d want to be home with our baby, and the others who would join our family.

It’s one of the things in my life I’m most grateful for.

That’s my number one reason why I’ve loved working from home—it’s made it possible for me to not only be home to raise our three children, but to home school them as well.

Back then I was a freelance graphic designer. For several years I made enough working during nap times and after bedtime to supplement my husband’s full-time income.

When our youngest, Jason, was almost a year old, a friend talked me into giving piano lessons to her three older kids. What made it possible was my agreement with that mom to watch over my three (4 years old and younger) while I taught her three.

That began my second work-from-home business — a piano teacher (my degree is in music). As our kids got older I didn’t have to ask the visiting mom to keep an eye on them anymore. And even in my busiest years it wasn’t more than 8 hours a week. But it was another great way to bring in some extra income while being able to set my own hours and still be a mom at home.

I’m still teaching piano from home and don’t want to give it up, even when building my business as a copywriter. Why? I love it! And working from home gives me the flexibility to be able to work it in.

Then about six years ago a position I had been serving in at my church as a volunteer became a paid position, administrating our worship team. While not technically an “at home” job, 80% is administrative, which I can do at home via my laptop, phone and email.

Then our middle child, Travis, graduated, leaving us with only one still in high school. I knew I’d need to be looking at bringing in more income going into the college years, and eventually the years of helping pay for weddings. While I did look at a few outside possibilities, it just made sense to stay at home and become a freelancer. I’d been too spoiled by now to give up my flexibility!

These days the house is mostly empty. My husband is at work, our three kids are either at school or work. It’s just me and our dog (I’m glad to have the dog around!).

But even now when our kids do pop in between school and work, I’m almost always here to greet them and can drop what I’m doing for a few minutes. We chat about their day, their classes, work, whatever. Rather than have a home office I like to work right out on the kitchen table, so they have to walk right by me when they come in.

Do you work from home? What do you like best about it?