7 Reasons Why You Should Publish an E-Newsletter

why publish an e-newsletter

If your business doesn’t publish an e-newsletter yet, you’ve probably heard of them and maybe wondered what all the fuss is about.

Or maybe you’re thinking of starting one but aren’t sure the time, effort and money will be worth it.

Here’s a primer to get you started…

1. Your list of readers will be made up of folks you already have a relationship with.

They’ve opted-in by choice…they’re a current customer…a past customer…someone who someday will buy what you offer. That makes your email list one of the most valuable assets of your business. It’s a list of those who are learning to know you, like you and trust you.

That’s business gold.

2. You’re going to them instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Your blog, online articles, social media posts and ads all have a place too. But having permission to get into peoples’ personal space — their inbox — is special.

You can use your newsletter to invite them back into your online space too.

3. It gives you a regular opportunity to establish your expertise.

If you follow the suggestion of the experts who say 80-90% of your newsletter content should focus on your reader (not your company), you’ll be handing your customers great content every time you publish.

The more you know the questions your customers have, the better you can aim your content. And the more your audience will come to you for answers. Not just to your information, but eventually to give you their business.

4. It helps build trust.

Solid relationships are built on trust — in business as well as our personal lives. And trust isn’t built as a one-shot, but over time.

When your readers continue to see your e-newsletter appear in their inboxes again and again, it assures them your business is for real. This is especially important if you’re business is internet based.

5. It keeps your name and business in front of them.

There’s a very good chance your prospects don’t need your product or service the first time they hear about it. But if they sign up for your newsletter, there’s also a good chance they may in the future.

Because they’ve continued to hear from you, when they’re ready to buy what you offer, they’ll remember you.

6. It gives you content for your website.

Google and the other search engines regularly scan sites for new content. They place a higher value on sites that continually post new and valuable content over those that don’t.

Posting your past newsletters into an archive on your site or re-purposing them into articles is an easy way to have two-for-one content.

7. Your newsletter content can be re-purposed for social media, blog posts and other outlets too.

You can pull a sentence or two out for a Tweet or Facebook post. Update your blog with the same content. Post it as an article on LinkedIn. And don’t forget to point all of those back to your website.

And here’s your bonus reason…

8. You can collect the best content from your e-newsletters and publish it as an e-book, white paper or special report.

Use it as a bait piece for new visitors. Use it as marketing collatoral for serious prospects. Sell it as an information product. The longer you publish, the more possibilities you have.


These are 7 8 reasons why you should publish an e-newsletter.

In order for these benefits to work for you though, it’s also important to know the how-to’s. I explain some key basics in Are You Using This Powerful Marketing Tool?

I’d love to hear your comments…do you use an e-newsletter? If not, what’s holding you back?