Why Use an Email Marketing Service?

why us an email marketing service

A regular e-newsletter is one of the best ways to build relationships with prospects, and stay in touch with your customers or clients. But how do you send your e-newsletter? If you’re a small enough business to wonder if the monthly expense is worth subscribing to an email marketing service — don’t wonder any longer. … Keep reading

Be an Email Marketing Success Story

email marketing success

In the February issue of Bite-Size Marketing Digest, we talked about how email marketing is trouncing social media in getting new customers. (For a quick review of the content in a SlideShare deck, click here and scroll to the bottom.) But what exactly is email marketing? What are the keys to using it successfully? Email … Keep reading

Email Marketing Trounces Social Media

email marketing trounces social media

Few marketers doubt the value of social media for business success these days. And the purpose of this issue isn’t to diss SM and that value. But when it comes to getting customers, email marketing still performs 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter combined. So while being social is important, you can ignore those … Keep reading