Is Your Website Content Easy to Read?

easy website content

There are loads of ways you can ensure your website’s content is easy for your visitors to read. Why is this important? So they’ll read it! You want them to see clearly, quickly and easily that you can solve their problem or help them gain what they want. We’ll cover just 5 of these in … Keep reading

The Life of Joseph [Infographic]

The life of Joseph — the son of Jacob and great-grandson of Abraham — has always been one of my favorite stories in the Bible. There are so many parallels we can draw from his life to our own. Not the circumstances exactly, but the way God orchestrated his path of destiny. This simple infographic … Keep reading

The Blessing of Giving Through Your Business

The blessing of giving

According to The Paradox of Generosity (Smith/Davidson, 2014), people who habitually give more are happier and healthier. What’s true on a personal level can also be true on a business level. And generosity—giving—isn’t limited to money. Giving of our specialties, talents and skills is often even more meaningful to both ourselves and those we give … Keep reading

Organic Search: What you need to know

organic search

Organic search is when someone types a search query in Google or other search engine. That person is looking for the answer to a question or the solution to a problem. The webpages that pop up under that search haven’t paid the search engines anything. They simply pop up organically as the engines find relevant … Keep reading