Do Your Website Visitors Feel Welcome?

welcome your visitors

One afternoon years ago when our three kids were preschoolers, a neighbor came over and asked to use my phone. She was locked out, and this was before any of us had cell phones. As she stood in the living room talking on the phone, I happened to look around the room and noticed it … Keep reading

10 Ways to Leverage Your Likeability

be likeable

Skepticism. According to an article posted last week by copywriter Clayton Makepeace, skepticism is the prevailing attitude we’re facing in our marketing efforts these days. (The entire article is worth the read. You can find it here.) As he points out, it’s no surprise we don’t believe much of what we see, read and hear … Keep reading

Relationship Marketing Resources

If you’ve read my special report Relationship Marketing Ideas for Outdoor Organizations, you’ve already had a brief introduction on the topic. (If you haven’t read it, you can get it as a free download here) There are many online sources that dive into Relationship Marketing more deeply. Here are a few articles I’ve found helpful: … Keep reading

Are You Using this Powerful Marketing Tool?

They’re known by a number of different names: email newsletters, e-newsletters, e-zines. What makes them such an effective marketing tool? “Newsletters are one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal.” – Dan Kennedy, consultant, business coach, strategic advisor, etc. “Every newsletter that you send serves to solidify the connection between your company … Keep reading