Is Your Website Content Easy to Read?

easy website content

There are loads of ways you can ensure your website’s content is easy for your visitors to read. Why is this important? So they’ll read it! You want them to see clearly, quickly and easily that you can solve their problem or help them gain what they want. We’ll cover just 5 of these in … Keep reading

Best Practices for Marketing Your Small Business

The most successful businesses are the ones who market the most successfully. I read something along that line recently. I can’t remember where, but it stuck. Some of us love to market. Others of us see it as the necessary evil of doing business. But however you look at it, your business can’t be successful … Keep reading

Is Your Business Mobile-Friendly?

Ok, so I’m behind the times. I do not own a smart phone. I just haven’t needed one yet. I don’t own a tablet either. Same reason. So far I haven’t cared much about mobile friendly. But I’m abnormal today, I know, especially in the business world. Some studies have shown that over half your … Keep reading

Do Your Website Visitors Feel Welcome?

welcome your visitors

One afternoon years ago when our three kids were preschoolers, a neighbor came over and asked to use my phone. She was locked out, and this was before any of us had cell phones. As she stood in the living room talking on the phone, I happened to look around the room and noticed it … Keep reading

How Long Should Your Contact Form Be?

The general rule-of-thumb: the shorter your Contact Form, the more apt visitors are to fill it out and sign up. Whether your form is minimal or asks for more detailed information, though, depends on your goal. If your goal is to get as many email addresses as possible because you need thousands of folks on … Keep reading